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Web Design & Graphics:

AsiaSun offers a complete graphic design package services which has helped our clients to build a worldwide brand identity for their companies.

  • - User friendly
  • - SEO
  • - Cross Browser Compatibility
  • - Flexibility
  • - Usability
  • - Tableless
  • - High performance

Flash Banner:

Get a custom banner in only four hours! Advertising through the Internet has become an absolute must in the new computer age. custom banner designs have become one of the most common and popular ways of being seen on the Internet.

Web development:

a web application lets you share data and collaborate across organizations, departments and individuals to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

CD/DVD Presentations:

Multimedia Presentation (CD / DVD Brochure, Catalogue), You get a master CD-ROM or a digital card which is basically an electronic business card shaped CD-ROM, also called a CD card. Your presentation or multimedia cd catalogue is written onto this cd. It also has an auto-run file and a cdicon customised for you. You could replicate as and when you need more copies. You will be surprised to find out how cheap it works out in comparison to print catalogues and how easy it is to make changes.


AsiaSun delivers scaleable network solutions to ensure that you get the right network for your organisation and its operations - and with the flexibility to grow with you as your business expands.

Professional IT Services :

Our first concern at AsiaSun is your business and how we can deploy the most cost-effective technology to fit the ever-changing requirements you have. Our vast business experience in diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, entertainment, legal, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and education allows us to recommend technology solutions to improve your unique line of business and ensure that you are at the forefront of your industry.